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Being a licensed esthetician; I encourage every bride to begin her wedding journey with a skincare regimen that will help to make her skin the perfect canvas for makeup. Here at Wholistic, we have the best team to prepare you for this next chapter. 

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Bridal Makeup & Skincare 

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"Bridal beauty begins with the skin and is enhanced with makeup."


My name is Latonya Saqiid. I am a professional working makeup artist and licensed esthetician.

My passion for beauty and self-care developed as a young girl witnessing my mother take such pride in her appearance. I was 14 years old, beginning my freshmen year in high school when she gave me permission to wear lip gloss and a little eyeliner. It was then when I learned that putting on makeup was not only fun, but could also be the perfect compliment to one's own beauty. 

During my career, which spans over two decades in the cosmetic and spa industry; I've worked with countless women from all walks of life, helping them to prepare for some of life's biggest events. My artistry style is best described as clean, classic, flawless beauty. You tell me your vision, and we'll work together to achieve it.