A natural plant-based soft and/or European hard wax is used for all waxing services.

Pro Tip #1: 24hrs prior to your waxing service, use a gentle sugar scrub in the Brazilian area (avoid the labia) to prepare for a more comfortable waxing experience.

french bikini Wax Pack of 4 | $153

Our French Bikini wax pack of 4 is valued at $180 ($45 per wax). You'll enjoy a 15% savings on waxing year-round. Exp: 6 months after date of purchase.

French Bikini Wax Packages

Pro Tip #3: For optimal results, schedule waxing appointments for every 3-5 weeks.

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Waxing becomes easier and for most people, practically painless with time and consistency. These waxing packages are great incentives to help keep you on track.

Fine Print: The promo value of the waxing package has an expiration date. The paid value is always honored. Also, no refunds and the packages are non-transferable and non-shareable.

Pro Tips and REcommended grooming product

A sumptuous sugar scrub that goes to work on extremely dry skin, providing it with an effective trio of exfoliants and a triple dose of moisturizers to polish and nourish it back to life.

Who's it for: All skin types.

What it does: It's formulated with bamboo powder, which is an exfoliant loaded with minerals and natural silica to moisturize, while raspberry seed provides antioxidants that are great natural exfoliators and brown sugar and organic sugar cane.

Pro Tip #2: 48hrs after your wax, use a sugar scrub in the Brazilian/Bikini area to help maintain healthy skin and to help prevent ingrown hairs.

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