Who are we?


Wholistic Skincare Specialist provides facial and Brazilian waxing services using pure organic and natural ingredients. Our services feature skincare products that combine the best of both science and nature to achieve the most advanced results.



Carlos Saqiid, Clinical Massage Student

Our philosophy

We are passionate about the mind/body connection and believe that in order to experience true wellness you must treat your body wholistically. We are best loved for our Brazilian waxing services. We offer a variety of waxing mediums including European hard wax, soft vegan-based wax (beeswax free), and other hypo-allergenic wax options to provide the most comfortable waxing experience one can have. 

Our specialized facial protocols are formulated using raw, organic fruit, herbs and vegetable pulps to support the skin's natural functions. We also combine nature with science as we feature glo Professional Skincare, a clinical-based skincare line that helps correct hormonal acne, aging, and sun-damaged skin.

What's New

Just recently we have begun to expand our menu of offerings. Early next year we will add clinical massage services. Until then, Carlos Saqiid our resident student clinical massage therapist will be offering complimentary practice sessions. If you are interested in becoming a massage model, feel free to book a practice session online. Carlos is currently attending Soma Clinical Massage Institute, he is set to graduate July 2019. We encourage you to take advantage of this offer as much as you like. Afterall, practice makes perfect.

Latonya Saqiid, Esthetician